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The Tara.Ed model of development adopts a holistic approach to improving the quality of education. Tara.Ed wants to ensure that all our teachers have a safe and happy teaching environment that is conducive to quality learning. 

Our infrastructure and resourcing projects ensure our partner schools have quality infrastructure and access to teaching resources, be it renovating a classroom, building a girls toilet block or providing & installing computers or a SMART classroom. 

One of the key areas of Tara.Ed’s Infrastructure project is the provision of access to technology. Computers are changing the shape of education, and computer literacy is a vital skill required to function in the modern world. Despite this, less than 1% of rural households in India have a computer and access to technology is low. In order to ensure all children have access to technology, Tara.Ed provides partner schools with technology and education resources.  The resourcing program runs alongside the teacher tour to ensure sufficient training is provided for teachers.

Past Infrastructure & Technology projects include:

  • Provision of 10 laptops to facilitate online learning for teachers in Afghanistan
  • Renovation of three classrooms 
  • Construction of a girl’s toilet & sanitation block
  • Construction & equipping of an 8 computer lab
  • Provision and installation of 12 Laptops for a Mobile Computer Lab in Bangladesh
  • Renovation of Library and stocking with 450kg of English and local language books
  • Renovation & equipping of a 15 computer lab
  • Installation of a SMART classroom through the RDEP
  • Open Classroom” events between Australia & India.