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Tara.Ed is supporting refugee teachers in India and Afghanistan by providing online and face-to-face teacher training and capacity building programs.

In Afghanistan, Tara.Ed facilitates monthly online education courses and lectures for teachers in Bamiyan and Herat. In conjunction with this, we are engaged in a ‘Train the Trainers’ program in which Teacher Educators travel from Afghanistan to undertake training with Tara.Ed and JRS educators in Delhi, before returning to Afghanistan to pass the knowledge on to primary school teachers in remote areas. Since the program launched in September 2015, Tara.Ed has touched the lives of over 100 Afghan teachers and more than 500¬†hundreds of students.

In Delhi, Tara.Ed undertakes weekly training programs and seminars for Chin Refugees based in the city. Tara.Ed is working with five Chin schools and one Vocational Education Centre to develop a relevant, child friendly curriculum and train teachers in activity based and inquiry learning pedagogies.