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Star Kids Scholarships

Each year, the Tara.Ed Star Kids Scholarship program provides 50 underprivileged children in rural India with a full scholarship to attend a Tara.Ed partner school, providing them with access to quality education and a shining future!

For only $250, you can sponsor the education of one of our Star Kids Scholarship students for a whole year! As a sponsor, you’ll receive the profile of your scholarship student, as well as an annual update to let you know how their studies are progressing.

Students are selected for the scholarship on a needs basis by Tara.Ed staff, School leaders and community members.

How much does it cost?
Each Scholarship is valued at AU$250

Where does the money go?

$130 One year of food and board at the Hostel attached to the school
$75 One year of school fees
$38 School uniform, note books & stationary, text books
*$7 goes towards administration costs such as bank fees, currency exchange fees and postage etc.

Does the money go directly to the child?
Tara.Ed gives the funding to the school and hostel to cover the child’s fees, uniform and educational equipment, to ensure that your money is used for it’s intended purpose. In the rare case that there is money remaining once the fees and equipment costs have been cleared, it will be used by the school for a project that will benefit all students.

Sponsors receive the photo & profile of the student they are sponsoring, as well as two updates per year, showing their student’s progress.

Should you wish to sponsor a child, please contact us, or go directly to to the Rotary Donation Portal, select the amount of AUD$250, and enter “Child Sponsorship” in the request box. If you have any other requests (such as preference of a girl child/particular age group etc.) please add these details, and we will do our best to allocate you a child of your description.