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Tara.Ed targets teachers rather than students in order to provide quality education.

The inspiration for Tara.Ed came in 2007, at the end of a three month volunteer teaching trip to India. Twenty year old Jennifer Star (Nee Purcell) was walking over a bridge spanning an open sewerage channel, when she saw a child wading through the raw sewerage, picking up recyclables to sell for survival.

It was a picture synonymous with India.

Nevertheless, Jennifer had to take a second look because she realised that this child was called Arthie, she was eight years old and in her year 2 class.  This picture demonstrates the power of education.  As her teacher, Jennifer held Arthie’’s future in her hands.

Tara.Ed is a non-denominational organisation that has three main focuses; the creation of cross cultural links between Australian and Indian schools, hands on training programs for Indian and Australian teachers through a teacher tour and skills exchange and the provision of resources for rural schools to enhance the education project. Unlike other initiatives, Tara.Ed targets teachers rather than students in order to provide quality education.

Through productive pedagogy, skills exchange and material resourcing, Tara.Ed aims to increase the quality and value of education in rural communities, thus addressing a major obstacle to primary completion. Furthermore, collaboration with Indian teachers and practical experience in a foreign education system will increase the skills of Australian teachers and student teachers resulting in benefits for both countries.

In the Hindi language tara means star. The organisation of Tara.Ed was conceived to Build star teachers to help students shine.  By focusing on teachers rather than students, Tara.Ed aims to promote sustainability in education.  We ask the question: if one teacher can change 30 lives, what can 30 teachers do?

By 2020, we aim to impact 20 000 children, 2000 teachers across two continents.