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Plumpton High School Makes a Difference

Tara.Ed Committee Member Geetha Bhat with the Captians Elect of Plumpton High School

Plumpton High school, in Sydney’s west, has committed to supporting Tara.Ed partner school MK United Junior High School in Bangladesh. Led by the SRC and Captains elect, the student body at Plumpton organised a series of fundraisers throughout book week which included a lolly guessing competition and a scavenger book hunt. Plumpton High School students also had the opportunity to personalise bookmarks which will be sent to the students of MK United Junior High School.

As part of the book week celebrations, Tara.Ed Committee Member Geetha Bhat visited Plumpton High school to meet with the Captains elect and talk about Tara.Ed’s work in Bangladesh. Plumpton High School’s donation will go towards the annual uniform drive in which each student in the school is provided with a school uniform, notebook and pen. The uniform drive has a tangible impact on the school as it has increased enrolment and retention.

Plumpton High School has committed to a partnership with Tara.Ed and will continue supporting the staff and students of MK United School through future fundraisers.