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Making change in Bangladesh

Tara.Ed Founder Jennifer Star was in Bangladesh in October to visit Tara.Ed partner school, MK United Junior High School and participate in the Junior High School Certificate Admission Reception for the 36 students in Class 8. While a junior school certificate may not seem like much to us in Australia, this is a massive milestone for the school and community as most of these students are the first person in their family to achieve an academic qualification and progress onto higher studies!

This is the second year that MK United Junior High School students have qualified for the Junior School Certificate. In 2016; all 29 students who sat for the exams passed, and obtained the qualification – a  reflection of the increasingly quality and hard work of the school’s teachers.

Tara.Ed has been supporting MK United Junior High School since 2013, through the Teacher Sponsorship Program, Annual Uniform Drive and Tara.Ed Teacher Tour.