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Uniforms for Bangladesh


For $12 – a little more than the cost of two coffees – you can give a child a school uniform, pen and notebook, allowing them to access to quality education and a shining future.

In 2017, we need your help to provide 200 students at MK United Junior High School with a school Uniform

What’s in a uniform?

When Tara.Ed Founder, Jennifer Star first visited MK United Junior High School in 2013, students simply wore whatever clothes they owned to school. The uniform drive was started at the request of a year 8 student who put her hand up in class to ask Jennifer if she could please have a school uniform.

In the 2014 – 14 academic year, Tara.Ed provided funding to the value AU$12 per child for a school uniform, notebook and pen to be provided to each school enrolment.  The school students, teachers and wider community designed the uniform, choosing a burgundy and white salwar-kameez for female students and a burgundy shirt and black pants for male students.  A total of 199 students were provided with school uniforms in the first year, of which 96 were boys and 103 girls.

The school uniform has resulted in the development of school pride, as students of the school are easily identified within the wider community. As a direct result of Tara.Ed’s Uniform Drive, student enrollment in class 6 for the 2015 Academic year increased by 65% from previous years. This trend has continued each year, with greater numbers of students gaining access to, and completing a full course of compulsory education.

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